Project Description

Diameter Core Thick Segment Size LxTxH Segment No.
36″(900mm) 5.15mm 24 x 7.4/6.8 x 12/15mm 64pcs
40″(1000mm) 5.5mm 24 x 7.4/6.8 x 12/15mm 70pcs
48″(1200mm) 6mm 24 x 7.8/7.2 x 12/15mm 80pcs
52″(1300mm) 6.15mm 24 x 8.4/7.8 x 12/15mm 88pcs
64″(1600mm) 7.3mm 24 x 9.2/9.6 x 12/15mm 108pcs
72″(1800mm) 8mm 24 x 10/9.4 x 12/15mm 120pcs
78″(2000mm) 8mm 24 x 10.8/10.2 x 15mm 126pcs
86″(2200mm) 8mm 24 x 10.2/10.8 x 15mm 132pcs
98″(2500mm) 9mm 24 x 11.8/11.2 x 15mm 140pcs
98″(2500mm) 9mm 24 x 13/12x 20mm 140pcs
118″(3000mm) 9mm 24 x 13/12 x 15mm 160pcs
118″(3000mm) 9mm 24 x 13/12x 20mm 160pcs


  • Different types of surface design can reduce the friction of the blade;
  • Making the diamond contact surface larger;
  • High cutting efficiency and long usage life;
  • With good debris removal effect and better cooling effect.