Project Description

Item No. Outer Diameter Bore (mm) Segment Length (mm) Note
APWS-V10 12/14″ (300/350mm) 50/60 10 Segmented
APWS-V20 12/14″ (300/350mm) 50/60 20 Segmented
APWS-V30 12/14″ (300/350mm) 50/60 30 Segmented
APWS-V40 12/14″ (300/350mm) 50/60 40 Segmented


  1. Shaping various shapes and sizes for granite and hardness stone by the easy way;
  2. The profile shape and size upon your request such as Eased, Demi Bull Nose, Bevel, Chamfer, Ogee, Shape O, Double Bevel, Double Cove and so on;
  3. A full set of solution is available.