The Portable edge profile machine, many people also called, has a small size, easy operation, economy and high efficient features on processing edge profile. Easy from rough material to a fine edge in a short time. So that is popular with many people. If you are considering to order, but don’t know how to use. Please find some guide as below:

  1. Install the suitable grinding wheel on the machine, which means the height of wheel has according to the stone edge size, the applicable screw is M8/M10.

  2. Place the machine on the tile stone, and use the grinding wheel at the bottom to lean against the stones.
  3. Starting the machine, adjust the speed (0~8000), then hold the edge grinder hand in hand.
  4. The thrust of the hand is the driving force, but there has some plastic ball arrange evenly at the bottom of the machine will reduce some resistance more efficient (Certainly the operation efficiency, as well as depends on the sharpness of the grinding wheel. We also could provide the perfect wheel for your choice).

  5. During operation, replace the grinding wheel after finished one step to next step. Base on your material, from coarse to fine 3~4 process with 5~6 step, normally.
  6. Please keep moving in the same direction for all steps, no matter in line or irregular curve mode.
  7. In addition, during operation pushing to 40° angle will be the best construction efficiency.